“You know when you go on holiday to a five-star resort and open the hotel room door, look out the window, and go: Wow!” asks Amanda Wallace.

“That’s the feeling I got when I walked onto our block of land for the first time in the Dress Circle at Brookwater and looked out over the golf course towards the second fairway. Wow.

“I was hooked. Right then and there I knew that Brookwater was going to be our new home.”

The Wallace family – Amanda, husband Mark and daughters Maddison and Grace – have lived at Greenslopes, about 6 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD, for the past 15 years. Before that they were in Fairfield.

“We’ve always been inner-city people,’’ she said.

“But I’m finding that Greenslopes is getting noisier every year.

“We live not far from Juliette St and over the past two years the sound – the noise – has been driving me balmy.’’

Needing more internal space, the Wallaces started the search for a new house in the Greenslopes area. Unfortunately, they kept hitting the same hurdle.

“Our daughters are in years 10 and 11. We were looking for a bigger house but everything we looked at, needed work,’’ she said.

“Either the kitchen wasn’t right, or the bathrooms needed renovating.

“We were in the market at around $1.3 million, but we still would have had to spend more money and renovate to get what we wanted.’’

Brookwater wasn’t even on the radar until Mark was served a Dress Circle advertisement on Facebook and suggested that the family take the 30-minute drive West and have a look.

“It was so tranquil, so pleasant, so calming,’’ Amanda said.

“I liked the fact that all the properties were new and architecturally designed.

“I just loved the community feel. We are already getting invites to Dress Circle community events, even though we haven’t moved in yet. This really is the place for our new beginnings.’’

Since buying the block, the Wallaces have been on the design journey with Brookwater in-house architect Marco Calvino.

“Marco and his team have a wealth of experience,’’ Amanda said.

“They help me understand what’s possible and what can be done to make the space ours.

“The kitchen and the laundry are the most important rooms for me. I wanted them close together.

“In Greenslopes we have a Queenslander – and as you know there’s always something that needs to be fixed in a Queenslander. Our Greenslopes laundry is under the house and I’m always traipsing downstairs.

“Being able to design this home means my laundry and kitchen will be close together, only steps apart. I can put a load of washing on while I’m cooking.’’

Amanda’s kitchen wish-list included a massive island bench.

“Any spare money we have is being spent on the kitchen,’’ she joked.

“Every time we leave a meeting with Marco and his team, I feel relaxed because I know we are heading in the right direction.’’

The Wallace family is not rushing the build process and will move to Brookwater at the end of 2022 when Maddison has finished school.

“Grace and I are already talking about signing up for golf lessons,’’ Amanda said.

“We’ve also put floor to ceiling glass windows in our bedroom so that every morning when I wake, I can look at that view of the second fairway.

“The view that convinced me that this was our dream location.’’

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