Discover the secret to getting the home you want!

Imagine if you could sit down with a world-class architect to plan your dream home. How good would that be?

That’s exactly what happens when you build your new home at Brookwater’s exclusive Dress Circle estate, located on 37 hectares of land positioned around the front nine holes of the award-winning Greg Norman-designed golf course.

Building a new house is an enormous task. Where do you start? What works? Perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t really work.

You don’t want to build something off the plan. That’s someone else’s dream. You have your own ideas. No-one knows what you need in a home better than you but sometimes it is difficult to articulate what it is you actually want.

Perhaps you are at that stage of life where you want your own home music studio. Somewhere to hang your collection of guitars. A soundproofed room where you can crank up the amplifier to 11 without bothering the neighbours.

That’s why working with an architect is an important part of turning your dreams into reality. Architects live and breathe design. They know what works, or even better, they know how to make things work.

Buyers at Brookwater’s Dress Circle, a residential community in Greater Springfield just 35-minutes from the Brisbane CBD, are given a complimentary one-on-one architectural design service when they buy land.

You choose the architect you want to work with from our Dress Circle Architect panel. All four of our panel architects have been carefully selected to reflect Brookwater’s design-led values.

Working with an architect is an exercise in delegation and trust. With all their knowledge they become the custodians of your design dreams.

They take your ideas, your thought bubbles, and make them all connect seamlessly together.

The role of the architect extends beyond just design and plans, they can deal with builders, planners, surveyors and tradesmen on your behalf. They make sure that the project stays true to its design principles, and importantly that it stays on budget.

Because they know how buildings come together, every decision they make can also save you money.

“We sit down with the buyer, take a brief and understand expectations and what they are wanting to achieve in terms of the home, and we guide them in the right direction and put it into a concept sketch,’’ one of Brookwater’s architects Marco Calvino, of Calvino Design, said.

Buyers then provide feedback before a final concept is delivered and a build price is estimated.

At this point the architect then starts the design documentation.

Again, buyer feedback is sought before the design is finalised and build quotes are obtained and a builder is appointed. At every step along the way, the buyer and the architect work hand-in-hand.

Dress Circle’s complimentary design experience extends to interior design and landscape design. We are with you on the entire build journey from concept to completion.

“When we sit down with a buyer, we want to understand what they want to achieve in terms of the home, to suit the lifestyle they lead,’’ Mr Calvino said.

“The way you occupy your home and choose to live influences the way you approach the design.

“Having the opportunity to work collaboratively with each new land buyer allows me to contribute to each design outcome and ensure that buyers are able to realise their vision to live in a contemporary and sustainable lifestyle within a unique and natural bushland golf setting.’’

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